Angelina Is A
Huge Fan Of Kate

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie wants to direct a film about the life of Kate Middleton because she is so fascinated by Great Britain's new princess.

Kate Middleton

It seemed as if the whole world went royal family mad in 2011 with the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie was no exception. According to The Sun, Jolie is a big fan of the royal couple and even has a photo of them in the house where she lives with Brad Pitt.

The Changeling actress has been so impressed with Kate Middleton that she is reportedly planning to make a film about the new English princess. The story of a normal girl who becomes a princess is a fairytale that has been the subject of many hit movies, so Kate's life would be perfect for a film adaptation. Although a small budget film about Middleton's romance with Prince William was released in 2011, no major Hollywood movies have been made about the young couple so far.

However, William's grandmother, the Queen, has been the subject of many films and TV shows, having been played by actresses including Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson over the years. There is also a new film set to be released this year about Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret in their teenage years, but the actress playing Elizabeth is yet to be announced.

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Comments on "Angelina Jolie wants to make Kate Middleton movie"

Center Stage April 05, 2012 | 12:47 PM

Go away Angelina Jolie. Stick to the Hollywood Entertainment. Yes ! I'm sure Anjelina Jolie is fasinated.She has to grasp and really reach now doesn't she? I here even Kim Kardashian has been trying as well ROTFL. I'm sure Kim Kardashian along with her infamous Mother would love to add anny connections to the Royal couple. That would make The Kardashians tacky reality sitcom a hit I'm sure. Not to mention it will help keep Kim in the spotlight. As far as Anjelina Jolie this will probably fit in with her weird fetish . Vampires,bloodlines and royalty?!? As Angelina owns a home in Louisianna,France and likes so spend her Holidays in European Casles renting them out for the month. Now she has stopped carrying around the blood vile that she wore around her neck and has moved on to bigger and better things. I think Anjelina Jolie is not playing with a full deck . So Kate stay far away ,the last thing you would want is to be connected with either of these women.

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