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Keeping a kitchen running smoothly from the the preparation of ingredients to the cooking to the washing up can be hard work. Even storing food so it keeps for a few days to use again can become bothersome. However, to stop you stressing too much, here are seven great kitchen tips you will wish you had been told earlier.

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Use Tupperware

When people say Tupperware was one of the best inventions of the 20th century they weren’t lying. This useful storage item can help keep food fresher for much longer than if you simply put it in the fridge or wrap it up in its original packaging. Tupperware is airtight and very easy to store away somewhere for use in the future. Anything which is fresh (such as salad leaves and berries) or has been cut (such as herbs) will really benefit from this type of storage.

Use salt!

As long as you aren’t silly with it, salt is one of the most useful tools in cooking. If your dish tastes like it is lacking something or is erring on the bland side, add a pinch or two of salt and you will really notice a difference. This simple trick can sometimes save the day.

Some things not to store in the fridge

There are two types of food that people often keep in the fridge when they really shouldn’t. Tomatoes fare much better in a cool store cupboard and keep their taste better when not kept in the fridge. Jams, chutneys and pickles are full of natural preservatives (and some not so natural!) and don’t need to be kept in a fridge. Doing so won’t do any harm but why bother when you will probably clutter up your fridge unnecessarily?

Take veg off the heat BEFORE it is cooked

So many people overcook vegetables and get upset when their Mediterranean side dish turns out a tasteless plate of mush. The key here is to watch your vegetables closely, whether you are grilling, boiling or baking, and take them away from the heat a minute or so before you think they would be ready. Leave them to stand for a few more minutes and they will finish cooking themselves with the heat already there. This way they won’t overcook, but won’t be underdone either.

Use lemon juice

By sprinkling lemon juice mixed with water over cut mushrooms and fruit you will prevent them from spoiling and turning black. Obviously this trick doesn’t mean you can come back to them in a year's time, but it works very effectively for a few days.

Use bread to extract fat

If you are making a casserole or stew and find that it has become far too fatty, oily or greasy, simply take a piece of bread and sweep it over the top of the food. The grease will go straight into the bread and be absorbed. You can then take the bread along with the grease and throw it away, or fry it to make croutons.

Keep your knives sharp

Many people don’t bother to sharpen knives, thinking they will always be sharp enough for what they're for -- chopping up ingredients. However, a blunt knife can actually make a simple job far harder and take much longer than a sharp one would, so make sure all your knives are up to scratch.

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