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Enjoy yourself while being sensible

While the 2012 summer games are a time to celebrate with friends and enjoy party food and drink it is also wise to remember your limits and not go too far. Here are five pointers to help you make the most of the various celebratory events without overindulging and ending up with a stonking hangover or a stone heavier!

Eat before you celebrate

Before you go to your Summer Games viewing party or BBQ have a small, healthy meal such as a green salad or a portion of fruit. This will stop you diving into the party food when it is served and overindulging simply because you are hungry. It will also ensure you have at least eaten something healthy that day -- you can bet no fruit or salad will pass your lips once the sausage rolls and cakes appear.

Drink water between alcoholic drinks

Many parties which start early in the day can be a hangover waiting to happen with guests drinking solidly from start to finish. The best way to avoid a banging headache the next day is to alternate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water. This will help prevent dehydration and also stop you from drinking so much. Make sure you eat a decent amount of food so your stomach has a lining and don’t make the event all about drinking.

Watch your portion size

Going to a party doesn’t give you a green card to pile your plate high with food. You should always remember to take a sensible amount and, when you have eaten, wait fifteen minutes before you go for seconds. Chances are you will feel full once your digestion has caught up with your brain and you won’t want to go back.

Substitute unhealthy foods with healthy

This can be pretty difficult, especially in a party environment, but you will notice the difference in your waistline if you can manage it. Steer clear of stodgy carbs and wheat-based products and opt instead for salads, meats and vegetables to avoid feeling bloated the next day. If you are the host, serve healthy options as well as not-so-healthy party food so you all have the opportunity to eat well. Many of your guests will probably thank you for it. If you are worried your host may not cater for the health-conscious, bring your own healthy dish along. They will appreciate your generosity and you will know there is something you can eat which won’t expand your tummy.

Don’t deprive yourself

Although your main aim is to eat well and avoid unhealthy foods, if there is something you really like at the buffet, just have a small amount. This will curb your cravings and allow you to feel involved without stuffing yourself until you feel ill.

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