Ways To Burn Calories
Indoors This Winter

Just because the temperature drops below zero, it doesn't mean you should go into hibernation mode. Stay fit and keep the winter weight off with these great indoor fitness ideas.

group fitness dance class

With the average British woman weighing around 11 stone, consider doing any of the following activities this winter to channel more of Santa's sexy little helper and less of Santa himself.
(Note: each individual burns calories differently so the figures given are averages.)


While walking outside may not sound very appealing, indoor tracks at your local sports or community centres provide suitable alternatives. In somes cases the track may be free to use while at other locations it may come at the cost of a membership, depending on where you live.

30 minutes at 3 miles per hour = 152 calories burned


After a long day of Christmas shopping and preparation, there is nothing more relaxing than getting in the water. Swimming is a great non-impact exercise, as well as a great way to unwind. Aside from traditional laps, you can opt for more group-oriented water sports such as water aerobics.
30 minutes = 213 calories burned


This cannon-ball shaped exercise equipment has so much versatility you can use it to create countless high-intensity circuits. If you are not familiar with kettlebells, seek professional training first to learn proper form and technique. Improper use of kettlebells could lead to injury.
30 minutes = 400 calories burned


Those familiar with CrossFit exercise technique and form can perform Workouts of the Day (WODs) at home or at their nearby CrossFit affiliate. Be warned: these exercises are not for the fainthearted!

WODs for 30 minutes = 350 calories burned


Forgo the Santa belly and engage your core muscles. 60 minutes of Pilates will leave your abs on fire for days... in a good way.

60-minute beginners class = 259 calories burned


Who doesn't love to dance? Whether it's zumba, tango, salsa or ballet barre put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor. You can go solo but jazz things up by bringing a friend or partner.
60-minute class = 416 calories burned

Ashtanga Yoga

This is yoga for athletes: be prepared to break into a sweat without the need for a hot room. With endless vinyasas, you’ll soon be addicted to chuttarungas.
75-minute primary series class = 450 calories burned

Bikram Yoga

The ultimate yoga detox works using specialised breathing and asanas. Ensure you drink plenty of water to receive the full benefits of this practice.

90-minute class = 735 calories burned


If all else fails, spruce up the house and clear out the clutter. When you spend 30 minutes vigorously cleaning your home, you can burn up to 185 calories.

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