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Summer is an ideal time to blow away the cobwebs and breathe fresh ideas into your home décor. Changing one or two features in your home can contribute to you feeling fresh and inspired; a feeling that will last well through the summer and into the dark nights of the autumn.

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1Brighten up your soft furnishings

You don't have to spend the earth to give your curtains and soft furnishings a makeover. Dylon does a wonderful range of inspiring colors for a wide variety of fabrics. Why not be bold and dye your old and faded curtains and cushion covers? These dylon dyes also work well with towels and other fabrics. Old and tired looking rooms will be awash with inspiring color. John Lewis stocks these dyes, although your local hardware store may also stock them.

2Get creative with flowers

If your other half always forgets to stop to buy you flowers, why not treat yourself? Pre-arranged artificial flowers are often expensive but by creating your own display you will save yourself a small fortune. IKEA stocks a wide range of vases and artificial flowers and, better yet, you will be able to match the colors exactly with your room at home. If you are stuck for ideas, then browse around your local department store for inspiration and then copy the look yourself.

3Move your furniture around

As a young child, I loved it when my parents moved the furniture in my room because it felt like I had a brand new bedroom. Often, by moving things around we see our homes in a new light. Visit each room in your home and plan how you can move furniture, ornaments and pictures around to give your rooms a fresh look. You might just find those keys or important documents you were looking for in the process!

4Update your kitchen cabinets

If you can't afford to splash out on a brand new kitchen, but you have a little cash set aside, then sprucing up your kitchen cabinet doors can make your kitchen look up to date in a few days. Many companies will help you choose and fit new cabinets for you. If you are feeling more adventurous, you could do it yourself. Unscrew the kitchen doors, sand them down and paint them in your chosen color. Et voila – a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost!

5Choose a feature wall and cover with wallpaper

The days of magnolia heaven are long gone and the fashion today is for brighter, bolder colors. Many people are choosing to use wallpaper for decoration and the wallpaper today is of better quality than ever. To spruce up your pad with little expense, choose one wall to wallpaper (such as one wall in your living room or hallway) and accessorise the rest of the room with photo frames and ornaments that match the dominant color in the wallpaper.

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