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A medium-sized dog, usually weighing 10–20 kg, is a perfect family pet or companion just for you. It is far easier to have around than a larger dog and can also be a great playmate and loyal addition to your family. Here are six of the best breeds.

Kerry Blue TerrierKerry Blue terrier

This member of the terrier family hails from Tipperary in South Ireland and was originally bred for hunting. The Kerry Blue is known for being highly affectionate and loyal towards its owner. Outgoing, high-spirited and intelligent, it is the perfect dog to have around children and is incredibly people-friendly. This terrier can turn scrappy around other dogs, so its master must be aware of this when training it.

Welsh Corgi puppies

Pembroke Welsh corgi

This obedient, intelligent and loyal breed is extremely popular. Naturally outgoing and active, the Pembroke Welsh corgi must be given proper socialisation while still young to relax its over-protective nature. Watch out! Being a popular breed to herd cattle, it is prone to nipping humans at the heels. With proper training this can be remedied.

Shetland sheepdogShetland sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog is a hugely successful breed thanks to its gentle temperament and extreme loyalty to its owner. Perfect for families with young children, these dogs are very easy to train because of their high intelligence. Shetland sheepdogs were made famous and beloved by the Lassie television show.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh springer spaniel

Like all varieties of the spaniel family, the Welsh springer is a firm favourite. This incredibly popular, medium-sized dog is perfect for families due to its good-natured disposition and its natural propensity to bond with the whole family, especially children. Welsh springer spaniels thrive with human companionship and dislike being alone, so they need lots of exercise. As a puppy, this dog will need even more attention as it has high energy levels and needs early socialisation. It gets on well with other dogs and pets as well as human guests.

West Highland TerrierWest Highland terrier

This lively breed is an excellent addition to any family. Intelligent, faithful and courageous, the West Highland terrier is incredibly loyal to its owner, which makes training easy. It is extremely affectionate towards its family, though it may need to be watched with smaller animals because of its hunting tendencies.


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