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Add a fragrant touch to your home this spring with the latest home scents. From pungent herbs to sweet floral perfumes, you can bring the outdoors inside for a fresh and light aroma in your home.


Fresh and sharp

A fresh citrus scent is perfect to wake you up in the mornings. Try this Sicilian lime room essence, for £24 from Ortiga, for a zingy and fresh smell of the Mediterranean. It is a welcoming and energising fragrance for your kitchen.

Sensual and aromatic

For a sniff of the Orient try these Miller Harris fleur incense sticks, for £30. The handmade sticks contain a blend of oriental herbs and spices. They are just right for a spring evening relaxing in the lounge.

Rose blossom

Nothing is more romantic and alluring than the sweet smell of roses in a home. Try these Diptyque Rosa Mundi scented candles, for £40, for a soothing, romantic and sparkling scent. The fragrant, rich floral blend is perfect for a night in with a loved one.

Lemongrass and lavender

For an invigorating bathtime, try these lemongrass, marjoram and lavender candles, for £38 from Timothy Han. The light lemony scent complements the herbal base of the marjoram and lavender, marrying together for a delicious and soothing aroma that has a touch of the exotic.

Sweet freesia

Try this floral and light freesia room diffuser for £35 from John Lewis. Freesia is a native flower to South America and has a sweet, light fragrance that is perfect for entertaining in the day. It is also a good general perfume for the hallway to greet guests as they come through the door.

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