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Celebrities have a penchant for calling their babies the oddest names, but some really take the biscuit. The craze for unusual names started over ten years ago when the first baby Beckham, Brooklyn, was named after the place where he was conceived, and since then we have had babies called Apple, Ocean and Angel. Here is the rundown of the ten most silly baby names so you can rule a few out for your new baby!

Prince Michael II - Blanket JacksonPrince Michael II and III

Michael Jackson’s first child and third child are both called Prince Michael Jackson which was considered very odd by many at the time as this meant there were three Michael Jacksons in a family of four. Prince Michael Jackson II (pictured) is more well known to the public as Blanket after he was given the nickname by the media. This followed an incident where he was dangled by his father over a balcony, while wrapped in a blanket, to awaiting fans and press in 2002.


Gwyneth Paltrow has long been into yoga, healthy diets and all things natural, but no one expected her to go to such extremes with her baby’s name. Her response when asked why she called her little girl Apple in an interview was “apples are so sweet and they're wholesome, and it's biblical.” However, that didn’t stop the media from having a field day about her rather unusual choice.

Sage Moonblood

When Sly Stallone was deciding what to call his son, normal names such as David, Michael and John apparently didn’t enter his head. Instead he opted for the rather usual option of Sage Moonblood which, since he has followed his father into the creative world of acting, probably hasn’t hurt him at all. If he had become a doctor, professor or teacher however, it could have been quite different.

David Beckham and his son BrooklynBrooklyn

Although not a widely silly name by today’s standards, back in 1999 the Beckhams started the craze for odd baby names by calling their first born after the place he was conceived. In the following few years everyone who was anyone was giving their kids alternative and unusual names and the trend has just kept on growing.


American actor Forest Whittaker has got a rather unconventional name himself, which may explain why he opted to call his daughter Ocean. His explanation is that he wants all his children to be like their names, as he is “revitalising and constantly growing” – just like a forest.


When Sean Penn and Robin Wright became parents to a little boy in 1993, they decided to name him Hopper. Sean later explained in an interview that he simply liked the name, and that was that!

Bluebell Madonna

You couldn’t guess who ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell’s music idol is could you? The trend for naming your little girl after a flower has been followed to a T with Bluebell’s first name, and a touching tribute to the Queen of pop with her second.

Rumer WillisRumer and Scout

When Bruce Willis and Demi Moore named their daughters they certainly went for something unconventional. Their other daughter Tallulah didn’t get away scott free either, but did far better than her sisters.

Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear Maurice

Chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools always come across as a very down to earth couple, however, with kids names like these you can only but wonder. Their only son, Buddy Bear, could be considered as the worst-off as the girls' first names, Poppy, Daisy and Petal, are actually fairly popular names now.


It appears that Jermaine Jackson was so unhappy he wasn’t of royal decent, he decided to put it right when he named his fourth child. It is pronounced like "Her Majesty," but with the first initial of his first name at the front. Interesting…..

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