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Food and cookery are not just popular with adults; there are many mini foodies in our midst. Here is a round-up of great gifts for your young budding chefs from cookbooks to edible glitter and food-science kits.


Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipe Cookbook

This cookbook, based on the food featured in Roald Dahl's stories, has the amazing ability to turn even the most reluctant cook in to a budding Jamie Oliver. There are very few children who will say no to making their own Bruce Bogtrotter Cake or Nishnobblers (, £7).

what shall we cook today

What Shall We Cook Today?

I'm a big fan of this cookbook — so much so I use it in my own kitchen. Although the cover suggests otherwise, this book is most suitable for age 7 and upwards. There is a good selection of sweet and savoury recipes that work on various skills, without insisting the end product has to resemble a fish, flower or boat to make it appeal to children. I highly recommend the pea and parmesan risotto (, £10).

Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake

Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake

This is a truly fantastic baking book aimed at families that know there is more to kids' cookbooks than just covering a cake in buttercream and sprinkles. It features both sweet and savoury recipes with photos of most of the examples. The more complicated recipes often have useful step-by-step photos. This book is worth buying for the clever zebra cake recipe alone (, £10).


Lego ice tray

Lego minifig mould

I say this is for children but I know a good few adults who would love Santa to deliver these Lego moulds on Christmas Day. This mould has a multitude of uses in the kitchen including chocolate making and jellies (, £4).

pretty baking cups

Pretty paper baking cups

I am a huge fan of these paper baking cups. They are sturdier than traditional cake cases, meaning they don't need to be baked in a bun or cupcake tin, plus they keep their colour once baked (Baker and Maker, £4).

squeezy icing bottles

Tala Squeezy icing bottles

These bottles make cake decorating far less messy and easier work for smaller hands. Just fill the concertinaed containers with your icing then pipe away. The piping nozzles are interchangeable (Sainsbury's, £5).

Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen set

Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen table set

A great set from Kuhn Rikon that is a superb introduction to basic kitchen utensils. The knife is especially designed to fit in small hands and the tongs are for holding fruit and vegetables while they are being cut. The knive is sharp enough to cut soft food but not small fingers (, £5).

Ikea cutters

Ikea cutters

You have to love the giant Swedish warehouse. Not only for their meatballs but also for these biscuits cutters. There are frankly not enough squirrel and snail-shaped baked goods in this world (Ikea, £4).

high tea shape sorter

High tea shape sorter

Don't forget the little ones. Get them trained in the love of patisserie from an early age with this wooden cake-themed shape sorter (Letterbox, £26).

Flavours & ingredients

Edible Glitter

Edible glitter

Ask any child if they would like to put edible glitter on their food and their eyes light up. Doric has recently launched a new 100 per cent edible glitter that is perfect for making their culinary creations glisten
(Windsor Cake Craft, £2).

Jar mixes

Jar mixes

Baked by Me sell some wonderful baking mixes for children and adults alike. Presented in these lovely glass jars, making them is often just a case of adding the fresh ingredients of an egg or milk (Baked by Me, £9).

Gastronaut toolkit

Gastronaut Toolkit

Any young foodie will probably have heard of Stefan Gates' CBBC series Gastronuts. This mini food-science kit shows some of the experiments that have appeared on the show (Gastronaut, £13).

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